Short-Term Programs

FLAG Short-Term Program


FLAG Short-Term Programs are for international exchange students, ages 13 to 19, who live with a host family or on a campus for an average of four weeks during the school year or summer. FLAG Short-Term Programs are ideal for students who desire to live in the US but are unable to come for a year long academic program. FLAG Short-Term Programs are designed and executed with the same standard of excellence as our traditional J-1/F-1 programs. Students and host families are provided assistance by a qualified FLAG Local Coordinator for any support needs that may arise during the program. A highly customizable program, FLAG can make almost any international student’s dream of experiencing “the American way of life” a reality.

What is it All About?

Similar to the academic year or semester programs, our short-term homestays give teens from other countries the chance to share their culture while experiencing a bit of America. Though the programs are shorter, long lasting bonds are often formed.

Selection Process

All FLAG Short-Term Programs students are personally interviewed and screened by international partners according to FLAG's pre-established selection criteria. They evaluate the student's personality, maturity level, English skills, social references and academic background.


Examples of current programs:

Individual Programs: For international students who want the experience of living with an American host family and attending an American school but only for a few weeks (or up to a few months). This program runs throughout the year. Private English instruction can be added if desired.

Summer School Camp: Students live with a host family and attend summer camp with American siblings. Sports camps, art camps, music camps and Religious retreats are available for this program. English instruction can be added if desired.

US college Tour: This program is available to students who have an interest in visiting the college(s) of their choice while living either in a dormitory or with American host family.

Group Summer Stay: Students travel to the US in groups of 5+ and live with American host families. Excursions are included in the program and a language component may be added. Discounts given to Short-Term groups of 10 or more students.