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A FLAG Local Coordinator (LC) functions as an independent contractor who represents FLAG in their local community. FLAG LC's are engaged in a unique opportunity to impact global relations through a grassroots diplomatic initiative focusing on the exchange experience of one student at a time. LC's play a vital role in the lives of students from around the world (including the U.S.) who are developing their world view. LC's have the opportunity to ensure that view is built on a foundation of appreciation, trust and mutual respect. LC’s efforts impact international relations today, tomorrow and for decades to come. Rarely, if ever, does an individual in the U.S. play such an important role in U.S. State Department diplomacy.

The role of a Local Coordinator (LC) is simple, but very valuable. As an LC, you will:
1. Identify & recruit quality host families
2. Serve as the liaison between FLAG, the host family and the student
3. Support the host family and the student during the student’s long or short-term exchange
4. Build global friendships that will last a lifetime!

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Local Coordinator FAQ's

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.
Is Being an LC a Full-Time or Part-Time Position?
This is a FLEXIBLE position! Currently, our Local Coordinators range from stay-at-home mothers to church ministry leaders to retired seniors, and everything in between. Many Local Coordinators do this part-time while having full-time jobs!
Am I An Employee of FLAG? How Am I Paid?
A FLAG Local Coordinator functions as an independent contractor in the placement and on-program support of international students while in the U.S. During the supporting months, Local Coordinators receive a monthly income as long as reports are timely.
How Does It Work?
As a Local Coordinator, you will build relationships within the local community by strengthening ties with family members, friends, neighbors, schools, civic and religious groups. Your efforts will lead to host families that share your passion for exchange and who are excited to host an exchange student for one or two semesters. Hosting means more than the basics of providing a roof over a student's head. Being accepted as a FLAG host family means the ability to welcome a new member into one's home, share everday lives, and getting to know and share each other's culture.