FLAG Testimonial

Becoming An Exchange Student Changed My Life
FLAG Student Testimonial

Tabea Steffens

"Coming to the US at age 17 was simply overwhelming – I was a small girl in a big new world. But after two days living with my host family it started to feel like a second home. In the following ten months, it became obvious that FLAG had made the perfect match with bringing my host family and me together.

My local coordinator from FLAG called at times to make sure I had a great experience, she visited my host families home and I could discuss all my big decisions, like traveling plans, with her – it reassured me that I was in good hands.

There are many very American things an exchange student should experience. FLAG not only organized a football game of the college in town for us to watch, but also a great thanksgiving party with exchange students and their host families from the area, where everyone could add specialties to the multicultural buffet "

  • Home Country: Germany
  • FLAG Program: FLAGship