Outbound Programs

FLAG Outbound Program


Over the last three decades, FLAG has provided students from dozens of countries the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or year while living with a host family of a different culture. FLAG Outbound Programs offer teens a link to the world most only dream of. Interactively designed, these educational experiences provide real-life immersion into another country’s culture, cuisine and natural habitat far removed from the typical bus tours. Lifelong friendships are bonded as teens from across the globe relate to each other by sharing views, music and laughter.

FLAG Outbound Programs now offer a variety of outbound programs, ranging from one week to a full academic year. A highly customizable program, FLAG can make almost any American student’s dream of studying abroad a reality.

Outbound Programs

  • Individual Homestay: An excellent choice for students who are interesting in studying abroad. Perfect for Gap Year.
  • Traveling Classrooms: Teachers and students are matched with a sister school & community in another country
  • Traveling sports teams: FLAG will match individual American groups with the sport and country of their choice.
  • Customized Program: Working in conjunction with over 20 countries, FLAG can make most any outbound request possible while maintaining the high standard of excellence applied to our inbound programs.
  • Volunteer Work: FLAG can match the interest of a specific individual or group in working abroad as part of a volunteer experience.

FLAG Outbound Programs are perfect for students, teachers, language teachers, community organizers, homeschool parents or groups, youth group leaders. For more information please contact FLAG.