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Welcome to FLAG's Outbound Program

Have you ever dreamed of studying outside of the U.S. and being an exchange student yourself? Do you want to experience another country’s culture, way of life, food, school or traditions? We can help with that! We have partners all over the world accepting international students into their programs.

Who Can Go?

Each international partner has their own set of requirements but generally students should be high school age and in good academic standing.

What Type of Programs are Available?

There are tons of options! If you just want a brief cultural exchange, we have many different short term programs. For a longer, more immersive program you can study abroad for a school term. If your foreign language class at school wants a hands-on experience in a native-speaking country we can arrange short term trips for groups as well!

Where Can Students Go?

We are constantly adding new destinations through our international partners. Some of the places that already have programs waiting for you are: Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, China, Russia, New Zealand, Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, Argentina, Germany…and many more!

Is There a Language Requirement?

Some countries do require that students have studied their language for at least a year prior to arrival (if attending for school terms), however, most countries do not have any language requirements for short term programs. If foreign language hasn’t made it onto your class schedule yet, we also have English-speaking countries that you can visit!

Can Trips be Customized?

Absolutely! Our short term roups can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, your group can determine the duration of the trip. We can help with longer trips over summer break or shorter trips during spring break. You can also choose the destination. If the country of choice isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we don’t have partners there. We can contact our partners and work on details to make a trip possible! Lastly, if your group has a specific interest, we can help tailor your trip to that. Whether you’d like to play soccer in Spain, rugby in New Zealand or golf in Scotland, we can arrange that! If you’d simply like to study a language more in-depth and live with a host family to experience local culture, we can arrange that as well.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices vary based on the duration of trip, destination and customized options. Some short term programs even offer scholarships! Contact us for a quote!

Outbound Program

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Outbound Program

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