FLAG Bridge Program
A Culturally Enhanced Education

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Welcome to FLAG's Bridge Program

Bridge Program was inspired by, created by and named for those who seek to extend their program beyond the traditional J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor Program). Providing a culturally enhanced education, FLAG's Bridge program exceeds expectations and surpass all standards in F-1 student programs. In this program, Bridge works in partnership with progressive schools to prepare tomorrows global leaders.

The FLAG Bridge Program provides students the ability to discover themselves, learn, grow, become fluent in English, and promote global diplomacy. The FLAG Bridge Program is an F-1 Visa program that allows international exchange students to study in the United States longer than the typical one year that a normal J-1 Exchange Visitor Program experience allows. This is an exciting opportunity for students who wish to study in the United States for multiple years of high school, students who want to graduate with an earned high school diploma, and students preparing for a U.S. university or college. The FLAG Bridge Program is also an excellent opportunity for students who greatly enjoyed their prior J-1 Visa student exchange experience and seeks to continue their studies in the U.S. for multiple years.